Coconut - KIDS legwarmers

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Coconut - KIDS legwarmers
Coconut - KIDS legwarmers
Coconut - KIDS legwarmers

The COCONUT fabric

Weight:  Medium/light weight
Knit:   waffle sweater knit
Stretch:  ample width, slight vertical
Color:  pure white


The Rubita leg warmer was designed for our younger dancers, averaging ages of 6-10, who don't quite fit into the adult sizes but still want that look of RubiaWear that all the professionals are wearing.  Designed to fit like the adult Full-Leg with a straight leg fit and covering the full length of the leg.  Also worn by adults as a scrunch down leg warmers style.

The MINI, was designed for our smallest dancers out there, usually fitting ages 2-5.  However, this size has also become extremely popular with our adults who just want a little something to keep their calves warm.

Our legwarmers are available in:  Adult Full-Leg: XS, S, M, L and Shorty: S, M.  Kids sizes: Rubita & MINI.  All items subject to availability  More sizing information here.

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