Photo Kenneth B Edwards, shot on location at Boston Ballet Studios

RubiaWear is a unique line of dance wear created by American ballerina, Ashley Ellis.  Starting as simply a line of legwarmers, the brand has flourished into a line that now offers a range of pieces to accompany dancers and movers alike on their individual artistic journey in the studio, backstage, and beyond.

Dancers are drawn to RubiaWear for how our products make them feel, enhancing their physical lines. Getting warm and staying warm can be achieved with lighter layers that don’t constrict movement or diminish beautiful lines being created. Dancers come back to shop with us because they enjoy the unique, boutique shopping experience as well as overall quality of each piece.

This line of hand constructed dance wear was inspired through its founder’s personal creative outlet to make things. She began by making her own leg warmers and other dance related pieces to wear at work; in rehearsal, class, and at the theatre.  As colleagues began to show interest, she decided to move forward and create a line of stylish dance wear to share beyond her own circle.  

As a dancer or otherwise active person we all know how important it is to keep your body warm and avoid injury.  With RubiaWear you will find fun and unique warm ups which will do just that while enhancing your individual style; activewear that is intended to help you stay warm and feel beautiful. 

At RubiaWear it is our objective is to offer high quality and unique dance wear that will add to your inspiration to be the best you can be everyday.  We cater to women, men, and children striving to carry fabrics that will appeal to everyone's style.  Be sure to check in regularly, as new chic fabrics are introduced regularly.  

We strive to offer an enjoyable shopping and wearing experience to all of our customers, happy shopping and happy dancing!